Our Minister

Our Minister

We have just surfaced from the midst of the monsoon season in the Land of Enchantment. After growing up on the beach in Miami and living in the Pisgah Forest in North Carolina, I didn’t understand how monsoons could happen in the desert? I heard about something new called Arroyos (which are ditches designed to accommodate the over abundance of water in the desert) which left me totally confused! As it turns out, the sand in the desert is so tightly packed that Mother earth can’t absorb the excess water.

Whenever we find ourselves “tightly packed”, it’s time to question the expectancy that underlies our belief systems. Ask yourself, can I entertain and embody a new idea of spirituality that opens my heart and my mind? I guarantee, when you shift your belief systems it can and does ultimately lead you towards a place of greater fulfillment.

While visiting the Petroglyph Center during monsoon season, I spotted a Mother Quail guiding her babies – lots of them – all over the ground in many different directions. Quail have the ability to easily spot danger and they take off with a loud explosion which startles and distracts their predators so they can escape. Have you ever made a loud explosion expecting a certain outcome, and then needed a safe place to escape?

At the High Desert Center for Spiritual Living, we share spiritual tools than create an expectancy that explodes in an entirely different way! Studying the principles of Science of Mind leads one towards “spiritual safety”, where threats no longer exist because of your own evolution into a higher frequency. This journey also uplifts those around you!

Quails live in groups called bevies, where they sit in a tight circle on the ground with their heads facing the outer rim and their tails together in the center like spokes in a wheel. This posture enables them to fly in all directions when faced with predators. Flexing our “spiritual muscle” in new ways is an important part of our own evolution.

The frenzied mating antics of the quail have earned them a reputation for sexuality and fertility. The energy of the second chakra which is the source of our personal power is directly related to our sexuality and our fertility! If a quail has flown into your life experience, you might want to learn how to handle danger by signing up for our upcoming class; Your Creative Genius or The Spiritual Path, both starting in September!

Since Quails are delicious to eat, they also represent group nourishment and protection which you will find when you cross the threshold into our sacred space! We encourage direct connection with the higher power during our Wednesday Peace Meditations and our Sunday Unity Meditations. We expand our experience of the One Presence during our New Moon Drumming Circles. We offer Mentoring, Coaching and so much more!

When you arrive at the High Desert Center for Spiritual Living for the first time, you are our honored guest; but, when you return – you become a member of our spiritual family!

Wherever you are on your spiritual path,  we look forward to sharing the journey with you…


Rev. Heidi M. Peck