Our Minister

Our Minister

We are currently in the process of securing a new Minister.


New Minister Covenant


It is written:


 “Infinite…wisdom within me [is] the All Knowing, the Unerring Mind of the Universe.”

Ernest Homes, “Science of Mind”


“Wisdom … is essentially something pure, it is peaceable, kindly and considerate; it is full of compassion and shows itself by doing good … [it is] impartial and genuine.”

James 3:18


I see my New Minister revealed before me as

Leading and embracing with love and wisdom


I now intend to experience my New Minister in full cooperation and agreement with my High Desert Center for Spiritual Living Community, I commit to…


1.    …speak enthusiastically and clearly, inspiring us to live in the ever expanding awareness of Love and Oneness.

2.   apply the Spiritual Principles of Love and Wisdom to comfort, support and encourage our community.

3.    .…wake the wonder and wisdom within me.

4.    …foster a thriving environment of financial abundance and service.

5.    …express and provide wisdom filled interpersonal skills.


And so it is!