Our Minister

Our Minister

Isn’t living in the Land of Enchantment absolutely amazing? I recently hiked up to the peak of the Mesa Point Trail at Boca Negra Canyon to check out the petroglyphs and experience the incredible view of the valley below. After planting a crystal, I found an isolated enclave buffeted from the brisk winds and I sat down to meditate. As I began to visualize in my mind’s eye the movement of joy and creativity as a force of energy, I heard the cawing of a crow who is one of my animal totems. I opened my eyes and looked up, only to find him circling over my head in all his majestic striking black beauty.

Black is considered to be a maternal color because the black night always gives birth to a new day that is as yet unformed, but full of potential. Whenever a crow shows up in your life, the secret magic of creation is calling! (The crow is also the guardian of the forest, and it will caw to the other crows and animals as well as to the humans if there is anything unusual happening within its territory.) Because the crow has great intelligence and it adapts easily to its environment, it is a great example for all of us to emulate.

Whenever I hear a crow cawing, it reinforces for me the joy of service I experience as the leader of our spiritual community. Joy is our theme for May and we’ll be exploring ways to keep the magic of the Great Spirit flowing through us that includes a New Moon Drumming Circle and an Experiential Seminar about the “Joys of Meditation”. In May, we have plans to swing wide the doors and open our individual paths of creativity so that we can begin to live an even more joyful, fulfilling and rewarding life.

The expectancy of our greater good fills me with love and light as we begin to enjoy the lazy days of summer with plans for outdoor picnics and my all time favorite cloud watching. Our spiritual family cordially invites you to experience the inner blooming of your own spirit as you enter into our sacred space.

Remember, whenever the crows are flying, there is sure to be magic in the air!



Wherever you are on your spiritual path; we look forward to sharing the journey with you…