Our Helping Hands

Our Helping Hands

Want to know who to talk to in order to dedicate flowers during a Sunday Service?  Want to become an usher/greeter but don’t know where to start?  Here is where you can find answers to these questions and many more:

Want to help out?  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jeanne Fanchi-Case (505-352-4782).


Librarian: Sandra Koenig


Want to hold an event at HDCSL?  Please contact Faun Gordon (505-220-9300)  or Lynne Harms (505-228-3421).

Cleaning Angels

HDCSL’s own version of “chop wood, carry water…”  Currently Cleaning Angels meet in the Sanctuary Friday afternoons from 1 to 3.

Culinary Care/Kitchen Angels

From Sunday Snacks to potlucks to feasts…We’d love to have your help.


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Flower Power (at the Sunday Service)

If you’d like to dedicate a flower arrangement in honor of a special person or event, please call the Administrative Office (505-922-1200).


Have a great smile? Like getting lots of hugs? Volunteer as an HDCSL Greeter/Usher!


We are currently looking for local talent to celebrate with us during our Sunday Service.

New Visitor Info Packets

We can always use help assembling our new visitor information packets.

Printing/Graphic Design

We are currently looking for local talent to help with printing and graphic design activities.

Public Relations

Currently the position is open and awaiting you and your creativity!

Sound/Projection systems

The Sound Team makes sure that our speakers and the practitioners can be heard by the congregation, provide video support for the service, and supplies support for sound and projection needs for special activities and guest speakers.  In addition, the sound team records each service and posts the talks online at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCigTBow5RapEPntvOPstT6g. We can always use additional help within this group to support our Center and their mission.  Contact Jane Moorman (505-220-9300) for further details.

Sunday Announcements

Please contact Carol Campbell, RScP (505-298-9265)  no later than Wednesday night prior to Sunday Service if you have an announcement to make.  Please sit in the front row to be available to be called up.

Sunday Bulletin

Please direct all suggestion/comments about our Sunday Bulletin to Carol Campbell, RScP (505-298-9265) or Lynne Harms, President of the Board (505-228-3421).  We are currently looking for someone to take charge of this task!

Web Site/IT

We are working on creating a new website – want to help!  Call board member Margaret Taylor (602-448-1236).


If you are interested in holding a workshop or event at our HDCSL facility, please contact Carol Campbell, RScP (505-298-9265) or Lynne Harms (505-228-3421).