Welcome to


Center for Spiritual Living

We are now located at the Haynes Park Community Center, 2006 Grande Blvd, Rio Rancho.


Our Vision: “We are a welcoming community thriving in Love, appreciation, gratitude, peace, and joy.”

Our Mission: “We reveal vibrant, evolving wholeness by seeing beyond appearances to create richly, inspired living. “

Our Purpose: “To share awareness of our Oneness using Science of Mind principles to embrace a world that works for everyone.”


  • We aspire to be a place of inspiration, where people from all spiritual paths and religions feel welcome.
  • Our shared values are:  Love, Peace, Joy, Acceptance, Abundance and Gratitude.
  • Motivated by the loving environment of this community, we share teachings of unconditional love. 
  • Our founder, Ernest Holmes, synthesized positive living called ‘the Science of Mind’ to gently transform your life.